Thursday, January 15, 2009

Benet Academy Alumni - Florida or Bust

This computer virus is really going around big time. I got a call from my friend and she described what was on her computer and I said, yeah, that was just what happened to me. She even went so far as to open up some window and I didn't even do that and lost everything. There is a screen that comes on your monitor saying that there is a virus trying to get in and you need to buy the supplement security package. When this came up on mine (it had different coloring than the Norton that I am used to - I remember red and yellow and black) I called my computer guy and he said to send it right in. He did, as I said before, say I could take it to some place like Geek Squad at Best Buy. I chose the comfort level but I am thinking, I just spent almost a whole day and night putting stuff that I had on disk (no backup but pictures) and I could get it again, just like my friend just did. I don't even want to go there in my brain. This is just a heads up. Watch what comes up on your monitor and get help immediately. Also, there is another nasty virus that is coming to computers near you that poses as a Hallmark card. Watch it.

I turned the tv on earlier than normal last night so that in case I got sidetracked, I would not miss any Idol and opted to see Jeopardy rather than the Fox show before Idol which was Friends. I posed this question (while trying to answer at least one question) again in my brain and decided to google it. Guess what? It was there !!!!

On "Jeopardy" do the second and third-place contestants get to keep the money they've earned or do they leave with nothing?
As per google Jeopardy is all-or-nothing. Only the winner keeps his or her winnings. The two losers are sent home with merchandise consolation prizes.This is partly done to make Final Jeopardy interesting, because it forces the second and third place contestants to make a bet on their answer. Otherwise many contestants would simply bet $0 and keep their earnings.

This evening, eight lovely ladies are arriving for a weekend get together here at our place in Florida.

They consist of Maggie, here as the bride, and seven of her high school friends (in the picture). We are very disappointed in the weather here (63° high today) but I guess it's all relative. The high in Chicago, where they are almost all coming from is 0° for the high. The pantry is brimming as is the freezer and refrig, waiting their arrival. G and I will be here to show them the ropes and then we both head off tomorrow morning; G to Chicago (yeah, he's nuts) and I will be meeting up with college roommate Maggie and heading to Key West, dogs in tow. It isn't the greatest Key weather either but the alternative is staying with eight insane, close to 30 year olds. Get my drift?


Beth in TN said...

Can you explain better how you got the virus on your computer? Did you open something that popped up or when it popped up, it meant you had it? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

We got hit with a virus at my company on Tuesday. It was:
"a huge influx of spam mail that appears to contain a virus. The messages appear to originate from either Hallmark or IKEA."