Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Trojan Horse

My computer crashed and burned. Some spy ware was hooked onto a website or email and it took over my computer. I had to package it up with bubble wrap and send it to my favorite guy in the whole world; the IT at our company. As much as I hate to send it away, I trust Jim a helluva lot more than the guys at Best Buy and besides, Best Buy is forty five minutes away and they would have had it longer that I can send it to Chicago and get it back with at least all the stuff I have on my desktop. There's a good chance I lost most of my stuff. I don't backup because I don't do enough to warrant it. I still have my pictures and I still have you so that's all that's important.

I am on a borrowed computer at the moment.
When I woke up yesterday morning and found that the computer was no longer with us, I got ambitious and decided to wash the windows. I had gotten a couple estimates before when we came down in November and literally laughed in one of the guys face when he told me the price. Two days at his price and I could buy my first car again. I haven't washed windows for awhile but it was pretty effortless and anyway, I exchanged the job with rollerblading figuring that going up and down the ladder was exercise enough for one day. I got to most of the windows before the sun was against me and will finish up the job in a day or two (or three).
On the suggestion of Anon I tried my hand at making my own Strap Perfect. I can see that if I made it smaller (mine measured about three inches) and a bit heavier that the margarine lid I used that it could be made at home. I will continue to look for the correct plastic density and then try again.
This is a new product on the market that I absolutely love. I love these whole wheat tortilla's. All I put in between them is my mushroom/onion combo I always have on hand and a sprinkling
of cheese and it makes a very satisfying lunch. Okay, so it's not exactly Once Upon A Plate.
I have taken to doing some pretty detailed applique at night and threading the needle repeatedly, even with an Ott light is difficult so I started to use my needle threader in earnest. I'll tell you what, it's amazing. If you hold the thread taut in the thread slot it really works.
Here is what it looks like after doing it's job. My new best friend.

I gotta run to the store; Regina and her darling daughter Kelly are coming for a sleepover. Yeah!!!!


Melody said...

OK I have to have an explanation of the title. The Trojan Horse?

Cindra said...

Mel, it is the name of a nasty virus. You are too funny.

You must be feeling better, Tommy if you are doing windows.

Anonymous said...

Wondering if we were hit by the same virus? I set up my computer to compact the information, never did it before, it had some hours to go so I went to bed. Next morning there was NOTHING on my computer, NOTHING AT if it was all sucked away in a vortex. I have a backup thingy and only used it once. Thank goodness for that. It was the only way to retrieve some of the information. I use Outlook Express for my main email address and everything was gone gone gone. Our Provider told us today that since we used an external service they couldn't help us. Their way of backing out of responsibility. AND they wonder why some people resort to machine guns.
Anyways, I am back online, thanks to some ardent and ernest worker but all my email info is lost forever....hopefully not. I've not given up yet!

Window cleaners here are a strange lot of people. If you hire them, you'll have to clear the window sills before they arrive and they don't clean the window sills. Which is why they'd never come to my house......ahhhhhh trailer.

I do my own in 2 or 3 days too, no big deal.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I did notice your first attempt at that thingy. I think I'll go look for a plastic lid too. Maybe one from a tennis ball container or some such, or my coffee substitute lid.

I have that needle threader and have never used it, what a shame!

Anonymous said...

How about using a flat round plastic belt buckle? (the type that kinda looks like a peace sign without the / \ in the middle and at the bottom)

I think the type of buckle I am talking about is also used for scarves.

Just cut part of center post out of the buckle.

Anonymous said...

Here is an example of the type of buckle I mean. (the red round one on the right in the middle)

anon said...

Trying to post the buckle picture link again. Click 'anon' to see the picture of the belt buckle. (this is the only way blogger would let me post the picture link)

Linda M. Poole said...

That little gadget is my all time #1 favorite.....I would be blind without it!