Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Water and Foul

I have been watching 'Food Network' while cooking and I happened to lift my head for Ted (the guy from Queer Eye For The Straight Guy) and I found out an something that I was happy to learn. The 8 - 8 oz. of water we are supposed to drink a day? That 64 oz. guilt trip that some nutritionist told me to consume each day? Well, it's just not the case. You need a specific amount of water for the amount of food you eat and that's quality and quantity. I can't remember the specific's but if you have a healthy day you took in less calories and need that much less water. Plus, coffee, ice tea, any liquid you drink (beer?) counts in the overall amount of water you need each day. Ted said that on the whole, our food alone gives us about 33% of our daily need of water and that, along with our fluids, all we need to supplement is the difference. I hope I didn't screw up the telling of this. I was a happy camper to hear about it and I am sure you can find out more online. I have always stressed about not liking water and not consuming enough. Unless I am exercising near a john, I tend to stay away from water. I have gone so far as to do the one glass of wine, one glass of water, etc. That didn't last past the first glass!!!!

The following is what I got in an email yesterday from Jim, who is fixing my wounded computer:

> Hi Tommy:
> I wanted to update you on the progress on your computer.
> It looks like it had a very sophisticated boot sector virus. Even in
> "safe
> mode", this bug had full control of the system. I've never seen anything
> like this on Windows XP (lucky you). Unfortunately, this stopped me from
> getting a backup copy of your personal files before restoring the
> operating
> system. I hope those files were copies of the files you have on your
> other
> computers.
> At this point, most of the software is installed and just have some minor
> configuration to do.

Backup? Oh dear. I should get my pathetically blank computer back in a day or two. I will try and post later with some food pics.


Anonymous said...

I learned something off the food network the other day too - if you put an apple in a bag with potatoes, they will not sprout. I often find my potatoes sprouted before I can eat them. See - I knew there was a reason for me watching all these food shows!!

dee said...

Interesting facts from that show. When I was on Weight W. I drank the recommended water because it made me feel full and got me through the times when I felt I had no energy. It's just a temporary pick-up but it worked a little and my skin and hair and digestive system felt a lot better. For that alone it was worth it. I never really made the whole 8-8 oz goal but I did come close. Frankly, anytime I'm not stuffing food into my mouth is a good time. Except for Sandra Lee, I adore the Food Network. Got a subscription for Christmas from a friend.