Friday, January 02, 2009

Winter Woes

It is now official. I have had a cold for over two weeks. That's a long time for me to be a pain in the neck to all those around me. I though it was almost gone and then bamm ! different symptoms have shown up. I think I actually had one type of cold and then in it's finality, I picked up another bug. This is based on the fact that the symptoms have completely changed. Now, instead of just the raspy cough and the night dripping in the throat causing me to sleep in the recliner half the night, there is full scale stuffed head which constantly needs a nose blow, complete with lack of interest in anything, a split lip and bad cotton mouth. It hasn't gone into anything flu like so that's good. And frankly, it's a good excuse to not do much.

Two days ago I got only the second bee sting of my life. I remember thinking when I got the first bee sting (between two fingers) that it was so not anything that I wished I got stung when I was young so I wouldn't have the fear of getting stung that I had. I spent half my childhood and youth running away from bees. Anyway, this time I got stung in the soft flabby part of my inner upper arm. It hurt like hell but only for about five minutes. I needed no emergency room or eppy pen; there was barely a prick. I can still tell that I was bit; not due to the area hurting or anything like that. It's just a little itchy. I think that the first time I got stung was just a partial sting because it didn't hurt past the minute of the sting. Here's another picture that Regina sent me from MY PARTY she threw for me. Here is Genie with Micky, Linda and me. Oh, by the way, I gave Micky my cold over a week ago. She still hasn't forgiven me.

Alrighty then; that's my current ailments and I have no further updates. I am gonna start a new quilt today.


Cindra said...

You sure do a lot for someone who is not feeling well. You are pretty amazing.
I pretty much avoid colds. Every day I drink two bottles of water filled with one Emergencee (lemon lime flavor) and a little packet of green tea (usually Lipton mango). I teach school and am constantly dealing with children and their coughs, etc. I swear by it. When I do get a little scratchy I drink one of the Emergencee packets in a small glass of hot water... usually just an inch or more. Maybe a couple a day and it chases the cold/sore throat away.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon.

I would love to see the quilt you are working on if you don't mind sharing?

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Go out to the Pharmacy or Drug Store and get yourself a little tub of ASCORBIC ACID (Pure Vitamin C). Mix a half teaspoon in juice or if you are hardcore like my son, take it pure. Your cold will be gone in a flash. You cannot overdose on Vitamin C, you will pass/pee out the excess.

I take it before I leave the 'trailer' so that my immune system has a boost before mixing with people in public.....those nasties who like to cough or sneeze without covering their faces and thus spreading the yuck.

Also, wash your hands and face and rinse your mouth on returning from being exposed to the general public.

Connie, Town Bees Beekeeper said...

Hey Tommy - I'm one of your groupies and read your blog all the time. I have bees (5 hives) so I've been stung a couple of times. It's the thought of getting stung that hurts more than the actual sting (easy for me to say). Use alcohol - cheap and effective.
And I quilt too and have some chickens and on and on and on.