Monday, February 09, 2009

All Growed UP

Dear Carol is now up in Ellenton (near Sarasota) where she is probably right this minute getting ready to start her True Colors condensed class. I am sitting here at the edge of my chair hoping against hope that I will get a last minute call (which will make me late for class, but that's okay) to hop in the car and join in the overfilled and overbooked class. I slept with my clothes and shoes on, just in case. Carol will be in Florida until she flies back to the Northeast on Thursday. I already miss her.

All us SAQA members got a notice that if we have a website, they would like us to either advertise that it's our anniversary year (can't remember if it's 20 or 25. Oh dear.) or that we were in the last book of published work. I sent the parameters to my webmaster to put it on my website but I am giddy to tell you that I actually, on my own, without Melody's kind assistance

put this on my blog sidebar. I tried it several times and finally it showed up. I am now wondering where are all those first attempts. Surely they show up somewhere. Probably smack in the center of a blog.

Oh, if interested, check out Teresa's comment. She has explained how sometimes you can and can't click on a blog photo to make it bigger. Foolish me. Oh, and welcome back to Florida Kay !


Melody said...

This is the site where the book can be ordered.

pam in sunny swflorida said...

I think we should go up to Ellenton tomorrow at lunch time for a visit!