Saturday, February 07, 2009

Carol Soderlund - My Hero

Carol Soderlund

is in the house. You can go to her website and see all the wonderful things she teaches. In fact, she was the culprit that taught be how to NOT randomly throw dye into water and take a guess as to how my fabric will turn out. I met her first at a Nancy Crow class six years ago when we were both students. That's when I saw her dye book with all the wonderful colors that could be scientifically created. I begged, cajoled, and bribed her to sell me her book but to no avail; she said you need to take her dye class because without the class, the book means nothing. And so I did. Now I have my own book; two, as a matter of fact. Carol figured out a way that I could have samples of the colors for both my winter haven and summer. How cool is not having to cart

my dye book back and forth like I have to do with so many other things. (G is included in that.)

The rest was history. I am a faithful follower of hers and a friend as well. When I got her email on Thursday saying she was frantically packing for her trip I was more than a little surprised. She wasn't supposed to come until March !!!! Then, checking Sent emails from a month or two back, I realized that in my panic of losing my computer info, I superimposed March in the slot in my brain and my Palm that was to be February. And something that rarely happens, the 6th of February and the 6th of March are both on Friday. I blame that for the error No matter. She is welcome on a seconds notice.

Speaking of Carol, she has a brain that I can only imagine in my wildest. I have called her many times about dumb stuff I have done or want to do and she is the epitome of graciousness when I clearly know that she is shaking and scratching her head in New York and thinking what a numb skull I am. In truth, she swears that she doesn't mind the 'what am I doing wrong' emails and thinks that if you do something enough that it will become second nature. I'm still waiting!!!!

If you ever want to really learn how to dye fabric the most perfect way, (is that correct english?) take a class of Carol's. You will not be sorry, even if it takes a plane, train and automobile to get to her. There have been many fellow students from foreign countries in Carol's class. Now she has a new class that I am dyeing (haha) to take called True Colors - Developing a Personal Palette. Maybe if I get her tipsy, she will share some secrets. I will immediately start plying her with alcohol. At least, that is my intent.


carol s said...

I am writing from Tommy's family room!
(so comfy!) No way would I ever think you a numbskull, Tommy. We all love to hear from Tommy no matter what it's about! As far as plying me with alcohol, well, what happens in FL stays in FL, right?

dee said...

so.... I'm guessing that you don't remember I'll be there next week????
Loved the e-mail-those bras rock!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Just like her basic class Tru Colors has to be experienced. I took it and you have to take it ASAP!
And have you taken her Dyeing to Discharge?
I know - you don't want a lot of pattern in your dyed fabrics.
You'll change your mind after this class Tommy!
Say Hi to Carol.
OH - then you forgot I'll be there day after tomorrow!

Cindra said...

Pssst.... is she drunk yet? Can we submit questions?

Diane said...

Tell Carol I said Hi! I took her class a couple of years ago at ProChem. It completely changed (and helped) my dyeing. Have a great time visiting.

Gayle from MI said...

I took a class from Carol through the Ann Arbor Quilt Guild a couple years ago and loved it! I still have the "recipe" sheet she gave out (for parfait type dyeing) and used it this past summer to do some dyeing.
Have fun! Oh, and it's me who is coming to see you on March

Stitch 'n Dye said...


Totally agree re Carol S and yes my trip to the Barn to do Part I and Part II did need two planes etc each way - from the UK. I met some great friends too and we regularly chat online - about dyeing and other stuff. To me Carol S is a believer in no question is ever a dumb question.

Say Hi from Sue in London xxx

Judi said...

Hi Tommy, I never got the pleasure of meeting you but I know a few of your friends. Carol's classes are the best and give her a hug from me. Judi in Mo who has taken all Carol's classes but the new silk class.