Monday, February 16, 2009

Cleaning Up

Phew!!! My project list for current unfinished work is now complete (except for an odd or end that I just wasn't ready to tackle).
The chosen pieces are now quilted, faced, labeled, photographed (outside, no less) and sent to my web master to put on the website. I do this every year or so. I can't change anything on my website on my own so I accumulate stuff for her to do. Unfortunately, I had a list of things that needed changing or tweaking but that list went away with all the other stuff on my computer. Oh well.

These two pieces are meant to hang together; they are called 'A Good Fit 1 & 2'. They measure together, not counting the gap, about 32" across and 34 long.
'Static' measures 23 x 35.
This piece, which I named 'Skyview' was started a long time ago and hung on my design wall unfinished. I finally took it down and finished it up. There is something about this piece that I really like. It measures 27" x 21".

As I vowed to myself, now I have to spend some quality time learning more about my MacBook.
On the recommendation of Carol Soderlund I got this book on Amazon to help me through the transition. I have been copying my address book from my Palm into the Mac. It takes a long time but it's worth it. I am very afraid to sync my Palm with the Mac for fear of what might happen. There are warnings on all info about it. I have had the information on my Palm since 1998. I am transcribing the important stuff I want to keep like births, deaths, weddings and am forgoing the transfer of when I had my roots done or Mazy or Bella got groomed. My contacts lists is very large too; there are names on it that I haven't seen in eleven years. I guess it's time to clean up my act.


Cindra said...

I have been thinking about a MAC book for a long time. I will be curious to hear how you like the change.

Anonymous said...

So where's this website of yours? I don't see a link.

Anonymous said...

Never mind...I opened my eyes and see it now :) Duh!

Anonymous said...

Your WEB-Mistress is holding you at ransom!

I think we need that Mac book around here too, Macs are sneaking into this house. I won't succum though.

How about having a 'Spring Solice' party and invite all those people you haven't seen in 11 years. It should be a riot to see how well they have aged, or not!

Anonymous said...

OK, let's call it Spring Solace (although it's still not correct) then. Note to self: Use the dictionary FIRST!

suzietee said...

When I first got my mac I hated it. I'm used to it now. The problem was I was sooo used to microsoft that when switching to such a userfriendly program it was so easy it was hard. Now I love it - although I have not mastered it.

dee said...

Oh Goody! I caouldn't see your pictures yesterday and now they are showing. I adore that second piece-the colors are so fabulous.
Hope the Mac works out for you.