Sunday, March 01, 2009

Dog Day

Did you know that there is a search box at the top of the blog and you can type in anything and it will pull up all related previous blogs? I did not know this until yesterday when I was griping to Melody
about the blog archives now being an entire year vs month by month like they used to be. For example, yesterday I mentioned the omelets and wanted to reference them with a link but couldn't find it, with the whole year to go through. Now, with my new knowledge I can type in 'omelet' and find this. Amazing. Try it out.

Look at how cute the bills are at my new vet. They take your dog's picture and then it shows

up on the top of the bill. I mentioned before that Bella had her teeth cleaned without being put under. This came about when I told the doctor that she gets bad breath when she is stressed; when we leave her, when she is in the vet waiting room and that it soon goes away once she is calmed. That's when he looked at her teeth and said it was due to tartar and plaque. I looked at him skeptically. I know my dog after all and stressful times are when she has bad breath. So, I was wrong; at least partly. After her teeth were cleaned the sporadic bad breath did go away. My thoughts are still that it has to do with her stomach being in a bundle and that acid going up her throat and hitting dirty teeth made the icky breath; specifically due to the fact that it only happens in times of stress. What I find odd is that she is only two and already has dirty teeth. Mazy didn't have her teeth cleaned until she was around ten years old. What's with that?
The doctor suggested this dog food, to either change the dog to or give her it for treats. It's formulated to kind of stick to the teeth (maybe like caramel?) and help keep teeth clean. I have chosen it for a treat because Bella loves it and maybe too much. We don't want a fat dog.

This poster was on the back of the door in the vet's office. I was in the room waiting for quite some time and kept wanting to take the picture of it but was afraid I would get caught and then feel stupid. I never got caught, but I still felt stupid. Anyway,
one thing on this chart that points out human food that is toxic to dogs that shocked me are the grapes. I had a friend who froze grapes and gave them to her dogs and I tried to do that for both the old dog, Mazy and Bella. Neither one of them liked them other than to play with while they were still frozen. Enlarge the poster and read the other stuff that can be harmful. I wasn't aware of all of this.


Cindra said...

We have never fed any of our dogs table scraps or human food. I know some of our friends thought that it was mean spirited of us, but I didn't want them to beg while we ate or get a taste for human food. The only time Cleo has ever had anything human is when we try and get her to take a pill and we put it in cheese or a hot dog. Somehow she can eat all the way around it and leave the pill untouched.

Anonymous said...

Your vet is a money grabbing idiot and has found a new source in you.
The incompetents become vets because they can make more money without much risks of law suits.
I see he has recommended 'Hills' product. A vet here has 'Science Life' or some such brand. Reminds me too much of Christian Science...with the life added....I steer clear of such things.
I had a dog that used to pick the plums (lower hanging ones, of course) off the darn trees!!! Come summer time, he'd hang out beneath the plum trees.
Did your new friend 'lead' you to this vet?

Deb said...

My dad has one of those very short legged Jack Russell terriers and he always has A. his teeth cleaned and B. terrible breath. Dad says it's because the exit is only 14 inches from the entrance!

dee said...

Deb's comment is hilarious.
Your such a great Mommy. Of course, how could you not be with a face like Bella's
That link made me laugh-I'd forgotten about that and I can't believe it's been almost 4 years. Holy Cow!

teri springer said...

I had to quit giving Kaiser meat scraps- seems they are too rich and he pukes. I knew about the grapes; but don't forget raisins too.

As for the beer, never heard that one. Kaiser loves beer (hey, he IS a German SHepherd after all).

As for dog food & your anon buddy, since you are only feeding that as a snack, it's not all that expensive. Kaiser only gets Science Diet as he loves it and it keeps his weight nice and steady. I do not buy it at the vets- I get it from PetCo where it's cheaper and I always have a coupon. Most dog foods are pretty much the same except Alpo which is rather high is protein and can be bad for a dog's kidneys (which is why you also don't want your dog eating the cat's food- no worries here,; Kaiser would eat the cat first).

Can't wait till April for a trip to FLA with the boys.



Claire O'Connor said...

I think there is a place in Blogger "settings" where you can go in and change how your posts are archived, (monthly, weekly, etc.)