Sunday, February 01, 2009


My friend Linda doesn't like eggs. She doesn't like to even think about them; the components - yolk and white - are hard for her to even look at. Therefore, I decided to make something for breakfast that was both delish and made with egg

beaters. The finished casserole (Brie and Hot Sausage) tasted just like the original recipe that called for 9 eggs. I just substituted 1/4 c. of egg beaters for every egg. What I did notice that while in the oven, it appeared to gain much more loft with the egg substitute. That was a little disconcerting due to the fact that I have made this recipe many times and until yesterday, never had to put a sheet pan on the lower rack to ward off any drips onto the oven floor. I didn't this time either so I am now debating whether to put my guests through a smelly oven cleaning itself or take my chances with Super Bowl dinner being prepared in an oven with burned stuff on the bottom. I'll ponder this a bit.
We also had banana bread and strawberry bread for breakfast. After the guys ate we whisked them off to the golf course so that we girls could have the house to ourselves.

Joining Linda, Regina and myself was Karen, my new best friend. We met at dog park last year and became fast friends. We have spent a lot of time together and had a ton of laughs. She is very clever and wants to learn how to do EVERYTHING !! And today !! She gave me this delightfully kookie painting of The Bella the Ball; her rendition of Bella with a spin on a can can dancer and Cinderella (one shoe on and one shoe off). It is absolutely adorable. Karen also made Genie and Linda a pair of earrings which I will photograph when the girls wake up and show to you tomorrow. I have several pair that Karen has already given me. She is a quick study and just took up jewelry making in the last couple months.

Last night for dinner I decided to have apps and then try something new. I was gonna try my first attempt at sliders. Instead of making patties, I tried to make the White Castle type of mystery meat. I opted for ground chuck to cut down the fat content.

When I put the meat on the 1/4 sheet pan (lined with parchment) it went to the corners of the pan. When it was done cooking it shrank easily and inch all around. It came out of the pan

with out a hitch. I thought it would be awkward to work with but it wasn't. And the moat around the meat in the pan was not fat; just liquid.

I made shrimp burgers early in the day to supplement the sliders for two reasons. First, I wanted to have a fall back in case the meat was inedible and second because Karen is a quasi vegetarian after reading Skinny Bitch. I remember reading it and could have easily chomped down a burger while doing so. No moral fortitude for me. Anyway here's what I learned about making sliders. The meat was fine but way too thick. I would make it very thin next time. I would also cut holes in it like WC does so that I could steam the buns on top of the meat in the last minutes of cooking in the oven. Also, the silver dollar rolls I got at Publix were too dense for this type of bite. I will use those little rolls in the tin packages that are stuck together, that you pull apart to separate due to their being more like bread and much less dense and much softer. The sliders were fine tho'. We had all the necessary condiments to go along with them. The winner in my mind was the shrimp burgers. They were about the size of a silver dollar and delicious. I used my friends as guinea pigs but I didn't see any animosity because of it. It was generally a good time to be had by all.


dee said...

"Say Cheese" is wonderful. It's definitely a winner. I really hope the size doesn't make a big difference because it's fun and so original.
That breakfast casserole looks very yummy and the shrimp burgers sound recipes???? Come to think of it why don't you do a cookbook(in your spare time, har har) I've never seen anything here that didn't sound delicious.

Gayle from MI said...

Don't you know that nobody ever died from oven crud poisoning? I am proof positive of that one!