Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Good Day

What a fine day we had yesterday. Pam Morris, artist extraordinaire, joined Carol and I for a very lovely day.

They even wanted to go to dog park!! I am holding little Maltese Zip, and Carol is harnessing Belly. We actually were surrounded by dogs when we first plopped down, but technical difficulties with the Nikon CoolPix (operator error) left just enough time for most of the dogs to scatter. If you look closely, you can see that Pam is showing off her two week old Blackberry. She is more than a little attached to it. Or, should I say Crackberry. Yeah, that's better.

Carol is very informative in many areas. I felt a little (just a little) guilty on bending her ear about my still unused MacBook and she graciously took me through the essentials and I am giddy with anticipation. Rumor has it (Carol's words) that Mac's rarely get virus's and I am all for that. Knowing that they are more artist friendly is also in it's favor. Plus, with my eye on an iPhone to take the place of my Palm, iPod, and Phone, the transition to Mac is almost a given. I have heard rumors that instead of a computer here, a computer in my travel bag and a computer in Indiana, I can have one laptop and docking stations at my desks to eliminate all the other stuff. I am all for downsizing and simplicity. Just thinking about all the cords I travel with is daunting.

Carol has also shown me the error of my ways as far as my fabric dyeing. When I explained about my color limitations she immediately said, 'you aren't using Chapter 8' of my dye book. And she was right. I kinda got caught up in Chapter 3 (I love all the dye shop talk) and pretty much used it exclusively. Again, ya gotta love her.

We saw the sights and had a Cuban at an outdoor cafe and then headed to a local art show. My favorite was the copper, brass and bronze work of Stuart Hoeckel.

This little piece (it stands about 8" counting the rock) is of two crabs fighting over a coin.
My mind immediately went to a story I made up on the spot of a coin floating to the bottom of the sea, and these two friends were crawling, side by side and came upon it. Who ended up with it is anybody's guess.

We went to dinner at my new BFF Karen and met another new couple. We had a grand dinner and a great gabfest. When we came home, we hit the sack, exhausted. Nice.

On a final note for the day, I made a mistake a few blogs back as to why you can't enlarge some pictures posted on a blog and you can others. I quoted that Del told me it's because I cropped them first. That is not correct. The real truth is that once you post your pictures to the blog they can't be moved on the blog itself or they will not be able to be enlarged. Good to know and thanks Del. I am not the first person who has commented on this blog phenomenon.


Teresa said...

If you click the Edit HTML tab, you can move your photos and they will still be clickable. On the HTML side of the blog, just highlight from the < a to the a > on each photo. I copy, then delete, then paste it where I want it to be. You have to be in the HTML side of the blog, you can't copy the HTML, then go to the compose side and paste there. Does that makes sense?

judy coates perez said...

Hey Tommy,

we have had macs for 19 years and have never had a virus. I think the last time we had a computer crash was at least 15 years ago too.