Monday, February 23, 2009

Hugh's The Man

I have a few comments about last night, Oscar Night. We forgot our bling. Not only did I not have on earrings, but we all forgot

our boas,
and the champagne. We did fill out the Oscar Ballots. I was tied with Jean Ann at 10 correct; Anne came in forth with 8 and Peggy was the champ at 12 wins. Oh, there were 25 possible wins on our particular ballot.

A couple comments are necessary. Where were all the girls? There were hardly any dresses that were shown for more than a second. It seemed like the show was very male dominated. Who knew that Hugh Jackman was more than just a pretty face (and body)? He was fantastic. I loved Amy Adams; dress and necklace. What was Jessica Biel thinking? She was wrapped in some yardage and didn't bother to comb her hair. Also, she had no stage presence; it was like it was her first public speaking venue. Her timing was totally off. Marissa Tomei had a dress on that I could have made better. All in all, I thought that Hugh made the Oscars. He was fantastic. Did I already say that? I could watch him all day. Hummmm, I think I will.


dee said...

I do love Hugh and could watch him read the dictionary. What a bod that guy has.
Mickey Roarke makes my eyes hurt-that's some rough trade there. Haven't seen Slumdog but, clearly, Bella looks un-impressed by it all.

volleykat95 said...

What a great dancer he is...
Did anybody else thing that Goldie needed to cover herself up more? She was coming out all over... not pretty when it comes out under the armpits. Yuck! And I love her, too.