Thursday, February 12, 2009

Japanese Garden

I left the house at 5:45 a.m. to drive to where a bus was waiting for me and Whoops ( BFF) and 20 other women that belong to The Garden Club for a trip across the state to the Atlantic side to visit a Japanese Garden and the home of the American Orchid Society.

When I told my sister last night that I was going on a trip with the garden club she almost had to pull over to the curb while she was driving, she started laughing so hard. Hey, when in Rome. We returned, safe and sound, a little more than twelve hours later.
How cute are these sunbathing turtles. There were also tons of swimming turtles. Bamboo was all over the place too, growing and also used for various things; like this small barrier fence that is
made of bamboo and a little string to hold it together. Actually I think it's some type of synthetic cord that won't rot rather than string.
This bush is called Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. The lightest bloom is yesterday, the middle color is today and the darker violet is tomorrow. Pretty cool, huh?
This bamboo is holding these tree bottoms in a row so that eventually they will
form into an arched walkway. We all got contraptions that looked like a tv clicker and you hold it up to your ear to listen to a tour. Here's Whoopsie listening contentedly.
I have no idea the name of this tree. but it was stunning looking. I took the liberty of taking a
closeup of the bloom.
This water feature pours water into the bamboo until it is too heavy and it tips and all the water drains out and it pops back into place, only to be filled with water again.
Check out the tranquility garden. It is full of quilting lines!!!

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