Saturday, February 28, 2009


Now, I know; I should be embarrassed by this picture but I gotta say, I'm not. We went shopping for the day and took the men and the dogs so that we could be gone longer. That's okay when it's quite cool cauz' we can leave the the dogs in the car for a bit, every now and then. It was in the 70°'s so that just wasn't gonna happen.
Because we were at a tourist haunt, there were lots and lots of people. The little dogs were constantly under foot. Glips (aka Karen) said that up north she has a stroller for her dog and she was gonna get one today. I have always wanted one but G put the kabash on it (yeah, sometimes I actually listen to him), saying it was ridiculous. Okay, that well may be but I got one anyway. It was grand; they could go in stores and eat lunch with us. I am going to start walking to and from dog park and transporting Bella in the stroller so she doesn't get too tired and I can get a little more exercise with a mission at the end. You can stop laughing now, I am changing the subject.

While in the car awhile back I heard an interesting thing on the Martha Stewart Living Show on Sirrus radio. A guy was on and not only did he talk about the zip lock bag omelets that I featured way back when (and I know tons of people that make them) but he also said that you can make your own microwave popcorn. We thought we would give it a try.
We started out with a standard lunch bag, salt, vegetable oil and Orvil Reddenbacher popcorn. We changed up the amounts and the time for nuking it and came up with a very interesting
finale. Salt didn't seem to get into anything at all and there didn't seem any need for oil either.

In the end, the popcorn (we used a scant quarter cup) pops beautifully in a lunch bag that has had it's opening folded once with a little tab of tape to hold it closed. Nothing else was added for the cooking process and it took ( in my microwave), 90 seconds to pop the majority of kernels. We also found that salting them immediately upon opening the bag helps the salt adhere, but actually spraying the corn with a little butter spray and then salting really did the trick. How cool is that? You can buy the big popcorn jars, and a bag of lunch bags. It saves tons of money, is better for the environment, you don't get any of that creepy yellow stuff that the prepackaged popcorn has in it, and it's low in calories - pure - oh, except for that spray butter. We can't expect to be perfect can we?


sistersoftheart said...

Love the popcorn trick. Does the spray of butter not make the popped corn soggy? Are you spraying it in the bag or after dumping it into a bowl?

And the strollers are a hoot! Makes perfect sense when you need to keep them from being stepped on.

Cindra said...

I know there is some spray butter that is very low in calorie and it is really good on popcorn. We had it when we stayed at the health spa so it must be okay.

Jeri is said...

I've done the microwave popcorn for years and I never use oil.

Irene said...

Tommy, I think your stroller idea is perfect! I know people think we're nuts but what's a girl to do when her little dog doesn't like to be left at home? Seriously, I get so annoyed when I can't take Ben into certain (most) places. I'd really appreciate you letting me know in a week or so if having Bella in the stroller gets her into places she would otherwise be banned from.

Linda M. Poole said...

Life's to short to be embarrassed. If you're having fun, that's all that counts, right??? I think you look adorable with your stroller!