Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama/Old Navy

Well, it's official.
Obama didn't help me at all in getting into the "Celebrate Spring!" show.

There are major things wrong with this quilt and I will be the first to admit it. First off, I didn't even finish it. There is only a rough edge around it because I didn't like it enough to bind it and put a sleeve on it and thought I would only do that if it was accepted. I mean, come on, that arm/hand that is supporting the body looks like a bare foot more an arm. Maybe this is a good indication that I should stick to what I am good at. Oh, a thought just came to me; maybe I SHOULD have put Old Navy on the tee shirt like I originally thought to do. Maybe it's too political !!! Just kiddin' all you democrats; a little morning humor.

G is off to the airport to go and earn his keep in Chicago while my three friends, Peggy, Jean Ann and Anne come for a visit today. Bella already misses him. She will be fine tho'; she likes to wake up the girls by scratching on their bedroom doors. Gotta get crackin'.

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dee said...

I thought this piece was pretty sweet and I still like that background very much. What do they know anyway? Pfffft!