Friday, February 27, 2009

Pin Cushions

You know that I can't have company without doing a little tutorial of something fun. This time was no different. Joining us was my new friend Glips. She is always up for some good times. The project was to felt a pin cushion. We set up the little work station and had plenty of soapy hot water.
I didn't have the necessary needle felter tool so I decided to improvise and make some for us to use. I literally went dumpster diving at a dumpster near the house. I found this moulding that I could hammer nails in and also have the sticking out
wood piece to act as a handle. They really didn't work out very well. We used wool roving in all
sorts of colorful colors. When we couldn't get the roving to bond on the wool blank we went online and saw an alternative. By cutting off the top and bottom of panty hose (yep folks, I actually had a pair) I scooted each of our little gems inside, knotting in between to separate them from one another. Otherwise they would have stuck to each other.
This chain of cushions went into the washer using hot water. Then into a hot dryer they went until they were mostly dry.
The roving moved around a bit and showed more of the white than we wanted but it was my heavy handedness in putting the balls in the hose. Next time I will know better. They are very cute, white showing or not.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you didn't apply enough roving in the first place. You failed to mention what that white base material is. They are very cute, white and all.

judy coates perez said...

you can check out my tutorial for felted balls on my other blog
and look in the categories under felted wool ornaments to see how I make felted balls. It is a good way to use up that left over yarn.