Friday, February 13, 2009

Rice and Raw-Yum

In between the Japanese Gardens and the Orchid Society, we had lunch in The Cornell Cafe, right on the garden grounds. We had our own private room that looked like it had rice paper walls (it didn't). Each one of us got this sectioned tray of food in a lacquered tray.
For those of you who know of my eating habits, you will understand that this was not something I looked forward to looking down at. Let's just say that I definitely was happy I grabbed the two bananas off the counter before I left home. The meal seemed well received by all those around me tho'.

I checked out the 'regular' menu for the restaurant and it was a great representation of Asian and Japanese food. Two things caught my eye on the menu which I want to share with you, because I love stuff like this.

First up:
Never pass food to someone using chopsticks. This represents passing the cremated bones of the deceased at a Japanese funeral. To share your food, pass the plate to the intended person.
(I am sure that had I ever mastered the holding of the chopsticks, I would have offended many

Also, this was on the menu:
It is not encouraged that you make "wasabi soup" with your soy sauce, as the wasabi numbs your palate and hides the subtle flavors of the raw fish. (Do people actually do this that you know of? Do you get kicked out of the restaurant if you 'get caught'?)

I have the most exquisite photos of the afternoon but they will have to wait. I have things to do right now and I have to go through the hundred or more pictures that I took. If they turned out as good as they looked through the lens, the orchids will be suitable for framing!!!


Anonymous said...

Ah poor you, you could not live in Asia for a minute eh?

I spent years in Asia and loved every minute of it. I loved the food. Some of the Asian women were smart. They'd dine in French restaurants or wherever during lunch time, then in the afternoon around 4 or 5pm when the freshly made sushis and sashimis were marked down in the supermarkets, they'd take those home, unpack and feed the family and famished husband who thought his wife had slaved away at it all day.

You need to travel, get out of your comfort zone!

spikemuffin said...

All this and not one mention of Nakano Rice Vinegar?!!

Cindra said...

I confess! I am turning myself in to the Wasabi Soup police. I put a big "wad" of Wasabi in a little puddle of soy sauce and start blending just like I was creating a bechemal sauce. Then I add more soy to it and that is what I dip my sushi into. It clears the sinuses and is wonderful!!!
So arrest me! (I do not, however, pass food with my chopsticks.) I am not good at sharing sushi.

dee said...

Sorry to say I'm a wasabi soup maker as well. Haven't been arrested yet..yet.
I just had Japanese for lunch today. I knew the thing about not passing food with chopsticks-once you hear that rule and its origins, it's hard to forget.
Love the little quilt. It's darling. I can imagine it was hard to let go of. Make another! It looks like fun.