Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Sweat Shop Results

Our electricity just came on from being out all morning. We first noticed that there was no light on in the refrig. Then the realization that a Florida Power and Light truck was next door made us realize that it was more than just the light. G went over, to complain and was told that it was a planned outage and we should have been notified of it; which we weren't. Lots of things can't be done with out the juice. No coffee, no computer, no iron (to press some fabric I was working on), no phone to name just a few of the things I went to do. We decided to go out and get our exercise early because at least that and our iPods worked on their own. I will
now continue with my blog that got cut off this morning.

The girls are gone but I have pictures I took of the stuff they were working on while they were here. It is now time to showcase just SOME of the work; they worked on much more that these. This first piece was done by Anne. This picture doesn't do it justice. It is beautiful. She also
did this Christmas fabric one that looks like it is woven lines of alternating reds and greens.
Jean Ann went out of her comfort zone with these very bold fall colors. She normally has a pink, and blue palette. It goes from light to dark and she was very pleased with it's outcome. She had to do a little ripping out to get it just right.

She also had to do more than a little ripping out when she assembled this autograph quilt. Somehow, she turned her blocks and wound up sewing the wrong ones together. Each block is an autograph that friends and family made for JeanAnn's granddaughter Caitie, for her high school graduation. It will be a nice throw for her at college. Grandma's contribution was making the blocks into a quilt.

Peggy assembled this row quilt. Last year we decided to make a row quilt and so each of us four made two rows of the same block only in each other's color scheme. My rows are the circle one (no surprise there!) and the 36 patch which is second from the last. I have all my blocks too but left it up north and so will have to assemble it when I go back home.

Peggy also made this quilt top while she was here. I don't think it was sewn together here; just up on the design wall. She did put it all together but I guess I didn't photograph it after it was assembled.

I decided to make some throws for the family room. When the young girls were visiting I noticed that they had all the blankets from all over the house to cuddle up with when watching tv. I realized that I hadn't made new throws when I switched the furniture last year. I decided on a snowball pattern that would closely resemble circles.
Here is one of them after is was quilted and bound. I made four in all, so it pretty much took all
my time while they were here to finish. My goal was to get them done in time for the Oscar's. I got them assembled and quilted but the binding didn't get done in time. I don't know what was going on in my brain but I have a ton of blocks left over. I have too much time invested in them to just scrap them so I guess I will make another bigger one. The four that are done are just lap size - 42 by 60.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you were very productive. All of you.
Your last quilts(lightening quilting you did)is a perfect pattern for a baby quilt. Remember those octuplets?