Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Yesterday I took the plunge. I applied to be the Chapter Coordinator for Project Linus in Northwest Indiana. I did my homework and found out what would be my responsibilities, restrictions and time constraints and decided to go ahead and apply. There are a few obstacles for me. The main one is that I am not there for five months of the year. Although that could be viewed as a fault, I don't agree. I have done other year round obligations; rather, I do year round obligations in the time frame that I am around the area. Also, I have many fantastic friends that I know will gather with me for this worthwhile charity and help if I am not around. I can picture it; Pam, stomping through the snow to deliver a bundle of baby quilts to a hospital, slipping and sliding all the way, while I sit in my chaise in Florida, sipping on a Mai Tai, and trying to find Pam on her cell, ready to bitch at her for her tardiness. Okay, so maybe Pam won't want to help. I will think of someone else. I sent in my application and they will check me out and let me know in March sometime. I explained my two state living arrangements and that may or may not be the deciding factor. Either way, I am pleased that I applied.

That seems like a good segue to the Biggest Loser last night. The master of ceremonies, Ali, said to the couple (in weight loss only) Blaine and Dane after they weighed in - 'You have lost 140 pounds in the first five weeks on campus here at The Biggest Loser'. Blaine commented on it later and said 'that it almost makes us look stupid for not doing it at home'. For some reason, that stuck with me all night. I notice a big change in the show this year as it relates to the reality of losing weight in such mega amounts. They are continually stressing the fact that the weight loss on the show isn't what to expect at home. I also notice that it looks like all the contestants that go home have trainers when they are working out. I am going to investigate this, because I find it hard to believe that the average Joe that took off work to go on the Biggest Loser can afford to use a trainer at what? $40 an hour? even an hour a day. Especially in this economy. I love the show much more now when it's not as catty and is more about the workout than the personalities. Of course, we are gonna like one person over another; that's human nature. But we as viewers still want that lazy bitch to go home, right?


Anonymous said...

Amen about the lazy one. I was surprised that the recap of her time there showed her working out so much. I loved someone's (Bob's?) comment that they were surprised she lost nothing and thought she would have gained! I also loved that they finally put the *real* back in reality last night--quit with the effin' excuses already.

Good luck with your Project Linus aspirations! Sheila in Ohio

dee said...

I haven't watched that show but maybe I should since I just made a 10,000 calorie Lasagna for our anniversary dinner tonight.
Project Linus is a great group-you'll be fabulous

Anonymous said...

Don't you think they get paid to be on the show?

maggie z. said...

i'll do anything for you to help in this important cause- as long as is doesn't involve snow! wonders were worked from