Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The A's Have It

On our way home Sunday night from Clearwater, G said out of thin air ' I just saw an aardvark'. I said, what? And then he said 'I just saw another one !' I said that it was impossible; we have been coming to Florida for eight, no nine years and I never saw one. In fact, I said to G, I don't even know what they look like. All I am picturing in my mind is an armadillo to which he replied, that's what I meant.

Within a minute I saw six or so more in the next mile. We were on a two lane county road and I could not believe my eyes. Of course, I said I needed a photo and being used to my photo phobia, G acquiesced. I saw another and we pulled over but over shot the spot but no matter; there was ANOTHER one right in front of us. This was so freaky. Who knew?
I got part of my tangerine yellow gradation done and all of the chocolate brown gradation
completed. I started with a good amount of dye and cut each load by half for these four colors. I am now buying all my dye from Pro Chemical. If you compare prices and shipping with Dharma (east coast vs west coast), Pro Chem wins, hands down.
Oh, here is what an aardvark looks like. I can see where my man came up with that. It's the same without the armor!!!


Cindra said...

It is amazing how much they look alike... except one is dressed and the other is naked. How cool to see them in the wild.

dee said...

Hey! There was a Regina siting and I almost missed it.
Wow, those creatures really do look alike.
Hope you're feeling better by now.

Judi said...

Hi Tommy after seeing your handdyes I was wondering how you get yours so solid??

It is amazing how much they do look alike. WOW.

Anonymous said...

That is one cute cool creature. I need some for my front and back yard! I guess they get run over a lot, hanging out near busy roads, poor things.

Diane said...

If you feel the need to see more of the 'dillos just come over to my house. They are digging up my yard like crazy!