Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The A's Still Have It

Can you imagine a dog this comfortable in it's own skin as to put itself to bed at night (during prime time !!!) and take up

this position? When we got home last night, this is what I saw. I often times see my gal in this position but, by the time I get the camera, and all that, she is awake and no longer in the 'lounge' position. It surprises me every time I see it. Oh, I just remembered; Obama was once again showing up on tv. That must be what put her to sleep so soundly. It would have done the same to me. Dear me, was that political? It was a slip.

A couple comments. Anonymous, you are right, the green isn't horribly attractive on my blog and it will be changed today. Thank you.

Since seeing the armadillo I have done quite a bit of investigating (google) on both aardvark and armadillos. Very interesting and they are nothing alike except for a generic both being nocturnal and mammals. If I had to do it over again, and had any interest at all, I may have been a anamialogist as a carreer instead of my current one of being a blogger. At least I can spell blogger.


Cindra said...

I'm glad you're a blogger!

dee said...

Me too!

Very un-ladylike Bella. All she needs is a bathrobe, some curlers, and a bottle of Gin... Love ya!

Anonymous said...


I have always enjoyed your blog but your reference to politics did me in. I am so very tired of folks who still think Republicans have something to offer this country. They cannot possibly love their country they only love their money.

suzietee said...

Anonymous, I am a fiscal republican and take offense to your comment. Not every republican is rich and in love with their money. Almost all of the republicans I know are deeply dedicated to the United States of America. Being lumped in to a large category is not a fair way to treat people just because they think differently than you.