Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bloomin !!!

I went to another Garden Club sponsored get together and had a wonderful and informative time. I took my new iPhone to play with in case I became bored. It never left my pocket.

Dale Rohman, America's Flower Man is very knowledgeable and he is a trip. In the hour and a half he spoke, he told us all sorts of stories and tips and tricks, all the while making each of these floral arrangements that I am showing you today. I'd love to tell you a bit of what I came away with. This first picture (and the closeup in the next picture) taught me a thing or two. The apples are held stationary with two or even three wooden meat skewers that you cut down to the length you want. I have tried to put fruits in arrangements in the past and they get heavy but with three supports, it makes all the difference. Want shiny apples? Give'm a light coating of cooking spray. The berries on the top of the arrangement are St. John's Wort. They come in a few different colors. Also you have eucalyptus and spider mums. This container is covered with leaves that are glue gunned on. Oh, something about hydrangeas. Have you, as I have, had limp hydrangea that just flop over? Dunk the blossom in warm water and after a bit they will perk right up.
This is definitely not my favorite but kinda whimsy. It's a pineapple that has three water tubes shoved inside to hold a bit of water for the dangling and top flowers. Those pink flowers on the sides and top are actually tulips that the leaves have been manipulated backwards. There's some moss , Gerber daisies, and roses, along with some more eucalyptus.
I believe that all these arrangements are using oasis inside the container. This is forsythia branches that are poked in oasis on each side and then brought together in the center with a piece of wire to form a basket. You could use all sorts of stuff even that isn't flowering; like curly willow. Anyway, I digress. The arrangement has tulips and lemons. It would be a cute table decoration around Easter.
This is an arrangement that has three of the glass vials of water resting in a bed of dried peas. Some of the tulips are natural and some are manipulated. I prefer the natural way. There is also some eucalyptus , curly willow and a rose made out of leaves.
Make sure that you don't put water in the peas themselves. They will grow and grow and grow !!!
This is the container for the next arrangement. How clever is this? You glue gun vertical ribbon on the inside top of a box and the bottom, alternating colors and then weave the horizontal ribbons around, on top and under and end at one corner and tie off. That's what it looks like to me anyway. No mention was made about the containers creation, which so makes the finished product as good as it is.
This picture doesn't give this justice. It looks a bit busy here but it was quite stunning.
These are all the same flowers used in a different way. I see the tulips, eucalyptus, St. John Wort, spider mum, daisy and curly willow. The base is quite clever.
Moss is glued on a can and then decorated with real grapes.
Lastly, we have some simple pots with simple arrangements that are lovely, especially together.

Tidbits that I recall that were ohhhhhh moments:

Adding sugar or vinegar to the water keeps the flowers fresher longer - no.
Warm water is best for the flowers. Change water often and they will live longer and re cut the
stem each time you change the water.
The shorter the stem, the longer they will live. The water doesn't have to travel as far.
You can use a candle and melt the wax under a Gerber daisy to hold the petals and keep the flower from hanging it's head, as the often do . In fact, wax can be used to help hold together other flowers at the base of the petal such as roses.

That's all I can remember.


Melody said...

Very very cool. O How I wish I had been there.

Beth in TN said...

OK, so no sugar or vinegar in the water to maintain freshness, how about a dissolved aspirin? (which was another one I have heard) I never in a million years would have thought of the melted wax trick! Thanks for all the new ideas.

Jeri is said...

Those are some really cool tips that you shared! Thanks!