Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Oh, and did I tell you that the new show 'Castle' is the bomb? It is as cute as it can be. It definitely reminded me of Remmington Steele with the tongue and cheek humor, the obvious chemistry between the two leads, the fiction writer and the cop. If you didn't get to see it last night, go on line and watch the episode. The mom, the daughter and all the other characters are perfectly cast. It was so clever that I can't imagine the writers continuing at such a top shelf level. The one liners were novel and new.

By the by, I think that Stephanie Zimbalist was a cop on Remmington Steele, but what was Pierce Brosnan's occupation? I know he was a rich guy but after that I come up empty.


Cindra said...

Oh, good, glad to hear it was so cute. I taped it or whatever the new tech name is for saving it.

Anonymous said...

The character played by Stephanie Zimbalist ran a detective agency named Remington Steele--using a man's name because no one would hire a woman. There WAS no R.S. but when clients insisted on meeting the famous detective himself, she had to find someone to play him. That's where Pierce Brosnin came in. He was only supposed to be there as a front, but of course wound up getting involved in the cases. At least that's how I remember the story!!

sion said...

Anon is mostly right, but wasn't he a con man or something, some sort of crook? I thought he started pretending to be the invented boss and she went along with it for only-on-TV reasons and took him on as figurehead.