Monday, March 02, 2009

Color Correction

Did anybody happen to see Brothers and Sisters last night and see the size of the newborn? I would hate to be the woman that popped out a baby of that size!!!! It was pretty comical.

Picasa gave me trouble yesterday and all day today. I have never had trouble with it and finally I had to uninstall it and then reinstall. I was petrified that I would lose my pictures. I had to go looking for them but they were all there, safe and sound. Now I can post a pic or two.

Yesterday I went over to a theatre and helped Glips paint scenery. The play takes place in a kitchen scene and I got to paint a little. Then I hustled home to start dyeing some fabric. I wanted to dye some darker, richer colors and followed Carol Soderlund's instructions she kindly wrote down for me a month ago. I had to sit myself down and concentrate (ain't easy) to try and interpret what it was that she wrote. It wasn't difficult after I got the hang of it. Besides using more dye concentrate, I tried to warm up the soda ash solution in the microwave to keep my dye temp between 100° and 140°. I also tried to see if, instead of three agitations, I could
cut it down to two and get the same results. Here are two pieces of fabric that were handled exactly the same except that the top one went through three cycles. There is a difference, although not much of one. In fact, this picture makes it look like there is more difference that I could see with my naked eye.
Check out these magnificent colors. I am now gonna start to do some browns, which up to now are pretty pathetic in range in my stash. I actually bought cocoa brown dye powder instead of the normal way that I mix color using just the pure colors of red, yellow and blue. Back to the drawing board!!!


Cindra said...

The baby was huge! I noticed the same thing on another show I had seen earlier in the week, but I can't think of it for the life of me...probably Ugly Betty.

Anonymous said...

I think these will certainly be the darks and deeps you were longing for

Now I know why I usually dye in the summer heat!

sunny sw fl

Claire O'Connor said...

I especially love that lime green, third from the bottom. I have been having trouble with Picasa for several weeks now. I've been thinking I need to uninstall and reinstall it, but was afraid I'd lose or screw up my photo inventory (which is already a bit disorganized!) I weas glad to read about your success. I love Picasa and have been frustrated having to go back and use my old photo editing software which is not nearly as easy to use or feature-rich.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

It seems a lot of bloggers are dying fabric right now. I am waiting until summer so I can do it outside but it is getting harder and harder watching all the beautiful colors you made!

Connie said...

Love your deep colors and would love to know the tricks. Is it just more dye and warm soda ash?