Thursday, March 05, 2009


When I dye fabric, it kinda takes over my life for the interim. It is such a timed job that every thing I do is juggled and weighed as to how it can fit into the basic 15 minute cycle of the dye washing machine. If I don't do that, I forget to put in the fabric and the dye goes down the drain, the fabric sits in the machine without movement too long, the water gets too cold and on and on. Oh, and a big thing; the more you dye, the more you want to dye. It's a mini obsession and I am sure I am not alone in this. If I am not doing it, fine, I can live without it; but once I am on the whirlwind that is the stages of dyeing, it's hard to bring me down. That is where I am right now. I wake up and think, what's in the washer; what's on the floor to be washed and is the fabric in the big washer on it's first wash or second?

That being said, I am a little discombobulated this week. I can't believe that I just spelled the word in red and then did spell check (which I don't always do, as you know) and it didn't come up as wrong !! I don't think I have ever wrote that word before, probably thinking that I didn't know how to spell it and for that matter, I don't know if I have ever read the word in print. Hummm. Sometimes when I am typing I think a word but then have no idea how to spell it and get lazy and won't investigate it so I just use the thesaurus in my head and come up with a simpler word that I have confidence in the spelling. Now you know the real me.

No fabric pic's today. I left the camera in the house and am way to lazy to go and retrieve it this morning. I do tho' have a picture that I downloaded yesterday when I arrived back home from gallivanting all over town and think that it is very blog worthy.

This is a retractable dog leash that has been run over by a golf cart. It sounded like a blowout when it happened and I had no idea what that noise was but realized that it was the leash when I saw it on the pavement. Inside, to make the cord come in and out, there is all this thin coiled metal that must have been on a reel that exploded when it broke under the weight of the tire. The things you can learn when you do something dumb is amazing, eh?

When G came home yesterday after golfing he came into the studio to chat and looked at the tv and saw that Paula Deen was making breakfast in a cup. He knows me so well and told me to look at it'; it looked like something that would be fun for guests to do. I informed him that I just turned on the tv and the show just started and that it was just the promo at the top of the show and that she hasn't made anything yet. So, being obedient as I am, I watched and saw that all she did was make components of breakfast (grits, sausage, eggs, cheese) and layer them into a cup after they were cooked. Big whoops. I paid no further attention to the show (the tv was on only because I was getting sleepy and needed something to keep me from napping at near dusk !) until I saw what she closed the show with - the ziplock omelets that I had just mentioned a couple days ago. How weird is that?

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dee said...

I saw that P Dean one because my husband fell asleep surfing and that's where he landed. Hmmm. I can take about 5 minutes of that exaggerated drawl before I want to loose the lunch. Yawwwlllll this lady!