Friday, March 27, 2009

Dyeing To Be Dirty

I have done a couple more gradations in between the other stuff going on in my life. I have chosen a color that isn't in my repertoire and made it 8% owg, then 4, then 2 then 1/2 (?) Let's leave it at half of 2%.
I needed some teal that wasn't turquoise so I chose this color but pretty much ended with turquoise anyway. This is pretty much no brainer dyeing and therefore just my type.

I was gabbing to my sister yesterday and catching up and as I was chatting I walked around (a habit of mine while on the phone) and got a 'stand back' look of the wet studio which I haven't cleaned in at least a week.
My poor pathetic washing machine that does all the hard work is oozing color out of her seams. One day she will quit on me and then I will be sorry that I didn't take better care of her.
How I find any surface at all to put down anything is a mystery to me. I have so much clutter when I work; I am not the clean as you go kinda gal.
I guess I would never cut it in the Betty Crocker Kitchen Lab where you get to test recipes. They would think that I work, shall I say 'dirty'?


Melody said... of my fave colors. I use a tad of yellow #2 with the turquoise. That does the trick.

Anonymous said...

Dirty Dyeing!!

I love it........


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Great cooks aren't neat (unless they have an assistant following behind them.
I guess the same holds true for the great fabric dyers.
You can accomplish twice as much if you don't stop - stop - stop to always neaten things up!

dee said...

love the way Kay thinks..

Anonymous said...

Ah well, looks like a workroom to me. You might be sorely demotivated if you feel the need to be a neatik everytime you go in there.

Looks to me like you could use some more surface space or shelves to place things like containers that you aren't using in that particular moment.