Saturday, March 28, 2009

Food For Thought

I saw a book sale sign Thursday nite and decided to get up yesterday and go to it. I entered the establishment and the two gals there said that I was the first customer. I admitted that my travels didn't take me in the direction of the sale and I didn't realize that it was even going on. Is today the first day? I asked. No, the sale had been going on since Monday. Four days of being picked over. I could have cried but I put on my grown up face and asked, 'then, is it a bag for $5 day? Sure enough it was. As luck would have it, I was
eternally grateful that there were some old cookbooks, which seem to be my new, shall I say, NEED? That's what it seems like. I can't wait to open up these oldies and first I look for the copyright date, which in this case, the Better Homes and Gardens, is 1959. Then I picture myself when I was nine years old and what was I eating and trying to remember if we even had a cookbook in the house. I seem to recall the checkered red and white one and lots of stuff that came out of the newspaper.
This cookbook came out in 1971, the year I got engaged and was a junior in college. It's a very Seth Thomas looking cover but the inside of the book is tragically boring. I will have to read to see if it warrants more look/see. No pictures either. That makes me think of Maggie Z, (college roomie) that said she refuses to eat in a restaurant that has pictures of food on the menu. I personally love the pictures in, say, Applebee's menu, don't you? It helps me decide what to order. In fact, I would have never had the quesadilla burger had it not been for the picture of it that won me over. I digress.
These two Graham Kerr books are very reader friendly. He is very funny and I can't wait to read more of them. From the fifteen minutes I have given these two volumes, I would say that they are a bit autobiographical as well as cookbooks and they have a very definite style to them.
The first one has no date at all to let me know when it came out and I find that extremely odd.
This later book was published in 1966. I was 16, Boy, that brings back memories. I wasn't even allowed in the kitchen except to clean it or the dishes. Now, families cook together almost as entertainment. That's a good thing.


teri springer said...

When I was a kid I just LOVED Graham Kerr. He saved my sanity when I spent 8 weeks in the hospital after a car accident. I never missed a show. Somehow I think I may have been one of the few 11 year-olds who were regular viewers. I had a beautiful Graham Kerr cookbook with a burgundy cloth cover- that sucker was at least 3" thick, 8.5 x 11 with beautiful coloured photos. I wish I still had it.

Graham would be so sloshed by the end of the show and now he's a non-drinker.

I miss hearing him say "Treener" (referring to his wife, Trina).

Thanks for the great memory!


robinww said...

I also loved to watch Graham Kerr when I was a kid. He made cooking interesting. And, it was fun to watch him get sloshed. I came from t-totallers so it was quite an experience. LOL