Monday, March 30, 2009

Movie Madness

I am stealing a line I heard from a comedian; I am feeling very lazy. The question is, should I sit down and do nothing or should I lay down and do nothing? That's as big a decision as I had to make this weekend.

I watched some movies this weekend which I don't normally do. I have been hearing about some new movies and due to the fact that I almost never go to see a show when it comes out, because I prefer to see it in the comfort of my own abode. I saw Elizabeth and had no idea that Clive Owen (love, love, love) was in it, playing Sir Walter Raieigh. The movie itself lacked character but you can put Clive in anything and I will watch it. I did love Elizabeth's hair and clothing. They were very cool. It appeared that she was much more coiffed in the beginning of the movie than the end. I will have to do some investigation into Raieigh and his contribution to the downfall of Spain on the sea. I can't recall in my little mind that he had that significant part in saving England. All I seem to recall was his gentlemanly dropping his coat to shelter a gown hem from getting wet in a puddle.

I also watched Age of Innocence which will always be a fave (love the clothes and the aura of the movie) but still want to slap Daniel Day Lewis for being such a gentleman. The camera work in this movie is stunning. They show lots of food and that's a winner in my mind. Somehow, Maggie (daughter) and I got G to go to the theater and see this movie when it came out. When he realized it was a love story he was very pissed. I have gone to the theater twice since then. Once was for Sideways (Maggie was again with me) and Sex In The City movie that I saw with the girls.

I saw Sex In The City again. I felt the need to zero in on the buns of Samantha's next door neighbor before I see him tonight on DWTS.


dee said...

We had the same kind of weekend. The guys teated me to take-out two days in a row and I celebrated with some sewing and viewing. I got the first 2 dvds of the second season of "The Tudors". Anne Boleyn is so much more wicked looking in this one. Sadly, I went to get the other and they were all out...rats. Another day.
I got "The Duchess" & "Vicky, Christina, Barcelona" &"Rachel Getting Married". I'll let you know how these are.
It must be the change of seasons-I feel like a sloth.
Your little lizards cracked me up.

suzietee said...

Some good movies you mentioned that I will be renting. Love the sexy Brits - Clive is one and I love Alan Rickman although he is not as sexy as Clive. DWTS is an addiction I have and used to just love Mak, but must say he has become to smitten with himself as of late. Love, love, love Cheryl and Gille. She is one of my favorite dancers and has great chemistry w/her partners. Ever seen Love Actually - it's amusing and has a full cast of Brits.