Monday, March 16, 2009

Obama Spotting

I keep forgetting that I can look up stuff I can't find on the Mac in the book. I just looked in the index for eject CD's and it was right there. I am not used to looking up stuff so I will need to have the missing manual right by my side for this learning. I know that you can buy the camera disks anywhere pretty much; my point was that I already had two that would serve my purposes completely. I ran to Walmart and was shocked at how cheap the 2 GB disks are. They are less than $14. When I got the first CoolPix in, I think, 2000, a 96MB card was several hundred dollars. Even the 1 GB that I bought a couple years ago was somewhere between $50 and $100. It's like everything else - once the demand is gone, the price goes down. Now I have a new disk for each of my Nikon's.

I am currently babysitting for Cholla, Bella's new BFF for a couple days. The dogs are crazy to watch; they have so much fun together. Bella eats Cholla's food and visa versa. The grass is always greener and all that. I can't even believe that Monday's entertainment for Bella are the landscapers, who come in droves from all sides of the house at once and she isn't even following them around from door to window to door as per usual. Goes to show you what having a pal around does.I wanted to show you this invite (I cut off the personal stuff) to a cocktail party that we went to in the neighborhood that was printed right on the invite to the innaugration for President Obama. These friends took tons of pictures of all the festivities including a gala ball or two and they shared them with us.
Even Obama himself showed up. That's Joanne hiding behind the man with Karen and I at the sides. Notice the glow that Obama is giving off. Does that mean something?

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