Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Overdyeing - The Lazy Dyer Method

I have finally figured out that it's only the Picasa on my desktop that doesn't work; which means that something is screwed up on it. It is, after all, the one that got the virus and it frankly hasn't been the same since. This is being typed on the MacBook and is definitely a learning curve. I also hate to type on a laptop. Oh well.

In going through my fabric to add the new vibrant colors, I noticed alot of the SAME colors that I will never use. I was throwing some of these bland colors on the floor with thoughts of overdyeing them. I am out of salt so Carol Soderlund's method wasn't an option plus Bella
decided that this stack of fabric would make a perfect place to catch some shut eye. I went back to the wall of fabric and noticed this amazing amount of fuchsia. As a dye, the color is very dominant and if I wasn't using enough dye powder to begin with, fuchsia would win the day in lots of batches of color.

Although I have used fuchsia, I don't pick it as my fave color and I got way too much of it. I decided to go with the Lazy Dyer's Method, perfected by Melody Johnson. It is a version of low water immersion without the aid of urea or salt.
In doing this method I decided to go into the kitchen and get the blender and use it to blend all this dye with the water and soda ash. It is a real time and arm saver. By the way, the blender will never go back to the kitchen. Once anything is used for dye, it remains for dye forever. I will have to get a new blender when someone gets a hankering for a margarita.
These are two yard pieces that I mixed together one day and washed out the next. I spent the whole of yesterday washing and rewashing to get the dye out but it was pretty simple when you let the machine do all the work.
This picture doesn't do justice to these beautiful colors I got when I overdyed that pile of pukey colors. I just don't care enough to go to the trouble of re photographing them with natural light rather than using the flash.

Now, every now and then, a pukey color is needed, but I would have to live a double life to get to half of them.


pam in sw florida said...

these are a great improvement.
and just look at that texture?

I just dyed a bunch up using Sabracon dyes. Have to let batch a long time.

Bummer for me.

Melody said...

those all weren't fuchsia first were they? Amazing if they were. And amazing if they weren't. Just wonderful color, flash or not.

anne said...

I have been a lurker here for awhile and i am aslo wondering what you did to get those colors. Did they start out as the fuchsia or the bland ones and what color did you dye them????
They look fantastic!!!