Friday, March 06, 2009

Privacy Please

First off, check out this blog and see how you can zoom in and see each person. How is this possible? You can see their cameras !!!

Back in September when my Maggie tied the knot, I made some draping for an outside garden (which was behind these doors) that was totally fenced but we wanted to soften it and make it more private. I needed 24 panels that were 10 ft. high and were 58" wide. So I got to thinking, what to use for the fabric? I chose PFD (prepared for dyeing) so that when the shindig was over
I could find a use for the fabric. Each corner of the 24 panels had a very large grommet in it so that the panel could be tied on the wrought iron fence with ribbons. The grommets are now cut
off and the corners look like this; a little waste but in the long run, not really. I brought the panels down with us in garbage bags and kinda forgot I had them until yesterday and wow ! I how have a whole new group of fabrics to dye.
I sewed all the panels sides with a hem and that still is on the fabric. I can see from this picture of the first piece that I dyed that the stitching on the gold still shows up white. The fabric is 100% cotton but the thread was polyester and it didn't take the dye. I figure I can cut the edges off as I cut up the fabric to make a quilt. Also, the panels were too big to dye successfully in my amount of water so I cut them in half.

Each of these pieces were dyed with the exact amount of yellow, red and blue; just from different main colors. It's pretty cool how different they turned out. I am gonna do more of that.

This is the floor by the dye studio and it looks like this any given minute that I am dyeing. These have all been completely through the dye process but need to go into the house to the regular washer for two hot baths and a hot dry. Then it's back to the studio to get ironed, folded and stared at. I just love the colors.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the ironing. Looks like you could do with one of those ironing machines with the big roller to begin with. Some even have steam-a-bility. OR, taking them to the dry-cleaner down the road.

Wish I had the muse to dye.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the dye fix this morning.

It's more than a 'mini' obsession with me...I even get excited when other people dye lol