Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Put The Lime In The Coke You Nut

I just made another appointment for a cancer screening. I have a very suspicious looking blob taking shape just under the site of my leg melanoma. When I first saw it, I thought it was just a bit of psoriasis or just an irritation but the more I got to thinking about it, I am not liking what I am thinking. Better to be safe than have it take over the rest of an already pathetic looking leg that only a mother could love.

Although the iguana population has been severely cut back thanks to trappers freezing and drowning them, they still persevere. Let's take this one for example. To personalize the whole thing, let's call him Ted. I have caught sight of Ted on an occasion or two.
Then I got to watching him a little closer. It appears that he has taken up lodging with us. The only problem
is that he is uninvited and more importantly, unwanted. Ted found his own entrance on the roof
and can come and go to his heart's content and he pays no rent.
Ted isn't the first iguana that took up residence here. Back a few years we came down in November to open up the house and found the house full of flies and one dead and one barely alive iguana in our fireplace. This is with house sitters watching over the house. Ya gotta wonder, eh? That was a Hurricane Charlie and chimney issue that has since been taken care of. Anyway, Ted has his new home because of our trees. They are coconut palms and a couple of them hang over the pool cage and the roof. So every year we have to pay the landscaper, who just happened to plant the trees (how convenient) , to come and cut down the coconuts before they both crack our roof tiles
and break through our pool cage screening. This just seems wrong to me. So off came the coconuts (which when falling, damage the ground plantings each and every time) and then
came the roofers to fix the tile only after we had to hire a iguana trapper to get the critter Ted out. That other brown stuff on the roof is the left over stuff that the coconut guys didn't bother to clean. I guess they are waiting for a good wind.
The trees are once again free of coconuts for the year but it'll all start over next year. I know, we should cut the trees down. I would in a nano second but when you look at the house from the front, the trees make it look much more put together. For now they stay. I guess I have to get a little more pissed about it than I am.


Anonymous said...

You get no sympathy from those of us who can't have palm trees up north :),

spikemuffin said...

Thanks for the Nilsson reference. Maybe these guys can help with Iggy.

dee said...

Good riddance to Ted. Glad you're getting check out on the leg thing. Sending good thoughts your way.

Anonymous said...

What kind of people are those who destroy iguanas? Maybe if you take care of nature,nature will take care of the Karma thingy? When will people stop being such ignorant pigs?
Every creature serves a purpose in nature, except humans it seems.

Your Landscapers seem to be some kind of Mafias. If you are not drinking coconut water, take the trees down. There are so many other large tropical trees which can safely be planted near a house. Trees that flower, for example, and which are much more useful to the atmosphere.
Anyways, I think you know what you have to do.