Thursday, March 19, 2009


I wasn't gonna blog today because I am doing washout of overdye's first thing but I can't get the death of Natasha Richardson out of my mind. I can't tell you how many times I have fallen on the slopes and not on the beginner run either. Life seems so fragile when something like this happens. All I can think about is Liam in 'Love Actually' where he plays a grief stricken husband after the death of his wife. It is very sad.


dee said...

there's a lot of speculation-maybe she had a previous un-diagnosed clot or an aneurysm and the fall got things going in a horrible direction. It just seems so sad. I thought the same thing as you about her husband in that movie. So sad for the family.

Melody said...

I thought the same thing, about Liam being a widower. The first thing I saw online this morning was this sad story.

What's gonna happen on Nip/Tuck now that she's gone?

Cindra said...

Joley was on Nip/Tuck wasn't she? It is very sad. I had a feeling that it was going that direction from the write ups. LIam had that close call a few years back, too.