Monday, March 09, 2009

Shell We?

We spent a lovely morning on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. I had on sturdy shoes, a hat and a big old bag to carry my treasures in.

We went so far up the beach that at one time I looked at my watch and exclaimed that we had gone over an hour and a half one way. Needless to say, that was our turn around point. There were clouds in the sky which helped make it more pleasant. I am all for a few clouds.
On our trek we ran into all sorts of animal life. Some were upright and some were flat on the
ground. We thought that this was still alive so after inspecting it and finding those little tentacles
on the underside moving (no, that is not my hand picking it up) we pitched it back into the Gulf.
There was no movement going around this crab so we left him where we found him. The fish in this dog's mouth didn't fare any better. I was talking to the dog's owner and I asked him if the dog gets sick from his 'fishing' and eating and he said no. He said they tried to stop him when he was younger but to no avail so now they don't even bother. His step brother (same mother) isn't into swim and catch.
There was a professional photographer set up on the beach with a monster camera, in a study of these birds. We skirted way around them in order to keep the flock in check.
Out of all these shells on the beach, these are the ones I brought home. Don't ask me why some
appealed to me more than others but this is my stash. I broke tons of the sand dollars in my bag, due to poor placement. I soaked them in a bucket of bleach water for twenty four hours and hope that is enough. I don't know much about shells. If we had gone closer to low tide (we were about three hours late) the pickings would have been much better. Now, do I need better pickings?


dee said...

I have giant jars full of shells from our beach here and another of beach glass. The shells are fine once they are soaked in bleachy water. akes out the low tide stinky smell. I have no idea why I need them but I love to look at them anyway. The sand dollars are really cool. We don't have those. I do find a lot of small conch shells lately though. I always thought they were more from the sounthern beaches. Very pretty.

sistersoftheart said...

Oh my, I so have beach envy! It is one of my absolute favorite activities & one that doesn't happen enough, especially since the closest beach is less than an hour away! Funny thing about shelling - there was always one particular type of shell that would "speak" to me and I would have to pick them up. It never seemed to be the same type of shell every time. Mostly it seemed to be whatever was most plentiful on the beach. One trip, it was beach glass, broken pottery & a very distressed domino! Good times!!!

Diane said...

I am new to Florida so I must know where you went to get these shells. I would LOVE to go shelling. Maybe I can convince my husband to go this weekend. I was promised I could decide on the activities since I helped him work last weekend.