Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shocking Quilts !!??!!!

My girlfriend sent me this article from the Chicago Tribune. Thanks Martha.

Quilting Magazine Pushes The Envelope
Magazine draws heat for lurid centerpiece

—Joel Hood

March 11, 2009

Sex sells. Even, it seems, when it comes to quilting.The January/February issue of Quilter's Home magazine sold out despite—or maybe because of—a little controversy. The issue came sealed in plastic, like many adult magazines, and boasted the headline: "Shocking Quilts: We show you the controversial patchwork."

Inside, an artful photo spread includes quilts stitched with a gun-toting Jesus, one woman's homage to Viagra, ample male and female nudity, and at least one newborn "peering out from his mother's lady parts," as it was described recently in The Washington Post.Needless to say, the graphic images have caused quite a stir in quilting circles. At least one major hobby retailer, Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts, pulled the issue from its 20 Chicagoland stores and others across the country. And the debate continues to rage in quilting forums online, where some are calling the material "objectionable" and others are praising the magazine's creator, Mark Lipinski.

"The quilts are not offensive. Joann's small-minded censorship is," wrote a poster at's declined to comment, but has pledged to carry future issues.Reached by phone at his home in New Jersey, Lipinski, 50, said Quilter's Home has always attempted to change the perception that all quilters are conservative older women with nothing on their minds but fabric and thread.

"All the other quilting magazines you see are tea parties, and we're more like a cocktail party," Lipinski said. "Everyone loves a cocktail party."


Owens Family Adventures said...

I love his magazine! I looked everywhere for that issue but couldn't find a copy. There are some things in there that, at times, get my eyebrows a-raisin but there are also things in his magazine that crack me up. :)

Beth in TN said...

Pffft! The quilts in question are all artfully done, nothing x-rated about them. Mark's magazine puts quilters and their interests in a whole new light.

Lynne Brotman said...

I loved the article on so-called "shocking quilts". Darfur and Haiti are shocking. I happen to be an art quilter who designs quilts that feature social injustice, political dissent, spiritual awakening and personal experiences. Many of these art quilters have their quilts in prestigious museums. I have a website called "quilting from the gut" because I strive to get at the tough questions of the human condition. Lynne