Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So Long

Tomorrow is my baby boy's 32nd birthday. Is that possible? The calendar doesn't lie. When he called me today, I warned him that he was gonna get the birthday call tomorrow. He is like me in that birthdays aren't a big deal. It's just a day. But certain things a mom should never miss. You know, the big stuff, to them and to their kids - birthdays, marriages, deaths - you know, the stuff of life.

Check out the transportation that I am taking to Key West in the morning. It's halfway through American Idol and I thought I'd give you the heads up on where I will be for the next couple days. I wake at five fifteen to hook up with my ride to Ft. Myers where we will board the Atlanticat for the three and a half hour trip via water to Key West. We will be having a gay ole' time visiting the Butterfly Conservatory and The 48th Annual Key West House and Garden Tour. I will be coming home around midnight on Friday. I am sure that I will have lots of fun stuff for you to see. I am taking my computer, but because it is the MacBook, it's gonna be mostly studying the switch from pc to mac. I figure the boat will be boring after awhile and the girls will get tired of me babbling. There you have it. See ya later.


maggie z. said...

i wanna go too!!!

Teresa said...

I have taken that boat to Key West. Get there early to get a good seat! I watched out the window when we left and arrived, but read and slept the rest of the way. Sure beats driving across Alligator Alley!