Monday, March 23, 2009

Seein' The Sights

Sometimes I don't even want to say things like the fact that I have a uti due to the fact that it isn't an illness and I am not sick; it's just what happens when you are human. That being said, this is the new med and I have been on it for three days. I have yet to see results but take that for what

what it is, just a comment. Next up, I will do nothing for awhile and then if it still persists, a pee doctor might be the way to go.

While visiting the Clearwater area I was lucky enough to attend an Art Fair in Largo, Florida. It was very good although quite small (which may be a good thing, at least for the guests). Both Regina and I purchased a necklace (different booths) but the show was so small and quaint that I felt odd taking pictures and so kept my camera in my purse; that is, until I went to the tent that had the local youth work.
This sculpture of two hands holding a baby foot just blew me away. It was done by a thirteen year old named Lauren Young who is a seventh grader at Skycrest school. She has titled the work, ' A Mother's Hands'.

The day can't be complete without a dog siting. For some unknown reason, there were a lot of Pomeranian's at this show. I was most enamored with Rusty, this

little tiny dog with very large facial features. He was a beautiful dog.
While driving around, Genie mentioned that she has always wanted to go into Ted's Luncheonette but hasn't because it's only open for lunch and breakfast. I said that we should go in immediately and so we did!!! The laminated and folded 8 1/2 x 11 menu housed at least a hundred, if not more, selections. Upon further inspection, we found out the Chicken Parmesan was the most expensive thing on the menu, coming in at $6.75. We opted for two cokes and an order of fries to split. The bouncy waitress, complete with ponytail, quickly brought our cans
of coke with two plastic (prerequisite) glasses and straws. The joint had a typical diner feel and the patrons were all lookin' like they belonged. Let's get back to the picture of Regina and the menu. Doesn't it look like she is about to cry? It takes so little. The fries were abundant; in fact, we didn't even finish the plastic plate of them. I insisted on picking up the tab, saying that Regina could pick up the check for dinner when the four of us go to that fancy palce she made reservations for.You can see why I insisted. Two cokes and an order of fries, with tax, came to $2.41. I still have change from my $5 !!!
The second we walked out of the diner into the parking lot, there was a babe who was sporting a french twist and had to be at least 90 years old in a, what I would think was the original first year that the woody Le Baron came out. We tried to get her attention to give her the thumbs up (cauz' hair and car matched) but she must have lost that hearing capability some time ago because even stopped as she was, and with out big mouths, she couldn't hear enough to turn her head.
Another sight that almost put us in a telephone pole (do they still have those?) due to my shriek was this, shall we say, offensive to the human eye paint job? There ought to be a law.


Beth in TN said...

I thought everybody in Clearwater would have hairdos and cars like that!

Anonymous said...

If you look keenly, it looks like the lady in the car was smiling.

Funny, you should think that about the green paint, I have been feeling the same way about your new blog color. It's the color hospital walls are painted....they make you sicker than when you were admitted.

Cindra said...

oooh, ouch, that hurts!
Just wanted to say.... I used to like pink and green together?