Friday, March 20, 2009


I went to the clinic ten days ago basically to get some meds because I self diagnosed myself with a urinary tract infection. Sure enough, doctor and nurse agreed and I was sent home with six mega pills - two a day for three days and all will be well. I went back two days ago. Nothing had changed and I thought that I should tend to my body. I was then given
this to take all at once as soon as the prescription was filled. Doc said to call today if that didn't work. It didn't and so as soon as the clinic opens I will be giving him a call. What a nuisance. Not to mention that it has now cost me over $200.
This is what my typing space looks like. I am still hooked up to both the Mac and the PC and every now and then I have to revert back to my old ways, due to not being able to figure something out on the Mac. I have yet to print from the Mac but I did set up my email all by myself. I have yet to learn how to easily send someone to a blocked sender list. I have daily crap that I no longer got on the PC because I sent them to blocked sender but I can't find it even with the aid of the HELP and the book. I'll learn eventually.
I found this quilt top hiding under my rolling cart and decided that it was time to quilt it. It is now backed and batted and pinned and awaiting my nimble hands to steer it under the sewing machine. Is today the day? We shall see !!! I had already earmarked today to do a gradation of browns and yellows. Maybe I can do both !!!


dee said...

Gad Tommy, I hope that stuff knocks it out of you. Be good to yourself-that's a lot of antibiotic. Yogurt and acidophilus will help your tummy. Sending good toughts you way.

Cindra said...

It seems like something should have worked by now. Good luck with all that.

Melody said...

I really like that quilt top. And I really hate uti's, don't you?
Get Well Dahlink!

Anonymous said...

Drink drink drink drink...lots and lots of non-alcoholic fluids, of course.
I used to get UTI if I didn't drink for half a day....almost every damn week. Then I'd take the antibiotics and get some darn yeast infection exactly 2 weeks later.
I haven't had it for month now....touch wood...only thing I can think of is that I banished meat and fish from my diet and have been taking a ton load of ascorbic acid....otherwise can't explain why it hasn't been around.

Hope you and your doc can get it under control. $200? Don't you have insurance????blinkkkk

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon, if not by now.
Did you try going to Mail/Preferences/Add Rule? You can tell it to send any mail from a sender directly to the Trash...