Tuesday, March 17, 2009


When I took the trip to Key West last week, I decided to take some yarn to knit up if I got bored. It was on a skein that didn't draw from the center, which means it bounces all over the place as the yarn is being used. I didn't want to take one of the containers with a hole in it for just that purpose, due to my wanting to pack light. I put on my thinking cap and tried to figure out how to keep the yarn clean if it was just setting somewhere. My solution was first to rewind it into a cake on my spiffy cake maker and then head to the kitchen for the Press and Seal.
I covered the cake and when it was time to crack out another, I would just tweak the center of
the wrap and release the yarn. It keeps it considerably more intact that if I was just using the cake all by itself
like so. As soon as I get more than an inch knitted (played cards instead) I will show you what's up with the blue yarn.

My friend Peggy and her hubby Darryl came for the day yesterday and took me out to lunch. It was a perfect day to visit paradise. Peggy has been here lots but it was Darryl's first trip so they had a lot of fun checking out the local sights. I mostly left them to their own devices due to the fact that I was dog sitting Cholla for the first time and wanted her to feel comfortable. At her own house she spends hours in her stroller in her mom's studio and so I rolled out ours and put it in my studio so she would feel right at home.
Almost immediately she hopped right into it. In fact, she is in it right now while I am blogging. She is a very easy house guest. She is welcome anytime.


Beth in TN said...

Whose pup is Cholla? I don't remember you showing her to us before. She's a cutie!

dee said...

Top o' the mornin' from the McDonald's
I believe I'll pass on the green beer and go right for the Margarita..it's green and I raise mine up to you!

Cindra said...

Happy St. Paddy's day to you. Love cholla's ride!