Sunday, March 15, 2009

What Do Ya Think?

Here's what's happenin' right now. I have my MacBook hooked up to the regular keypad which feels much more comfortable. I spent tons of time on a bad SanDisk trying to retrieve photos I recently took. Ritz Camera was able to download three hundred or so pics but none were recent. They were from last fall. I don't get any of that at all but I have to let it go. The camera joint put the pictures on a CD which I now don't know how to eject from the Mac and the guy at the store has my only two cards for the camera - one 512 MB and the other 1 GB. I now only possess a 16MB card that a camera came with and the store is closed on Sundays. Oh well.

I am trying to exclusively use the Mac but it is really hard. There are so many things that I do automatically on a PC that I can no longer do. I probably spent two hours looking for the Blocked Senders List and still haven't found it. I am trying (trying is the imperative word)to use iPhoto rather than Picasa but the program keeps hiding and it is no longer in the Dock and finding these pictures was an all morning task.
G and I received this wonderful big black and white picture of the Benet Babes that visited in January. It was taken on the local beach and the frame it came in was engraved very sweetly. If this is the thanks we get for leaving the house for a couple a days, we will probably have to leave more often !!!
I had a taste for lobster and G came back with these monsters. Last time we got lobster locally, it was the size of prawns so I guess he was having none of that and decided to hunt until he found more substantial tails. I stuck in my Diet Do bottle so that you can see the size proportions.
Not that you are all anxious to see the results of my latest comparison, but here it is anyway. When G got his iPhone, way back when, I vacillated as to whether I wanted one due to the weight of the phone. It seemed heavier that what I was used to. I held out for close to a year and finally got the new phone. I weighed it on my dye scale and the new iPhones weigh 4.75 oz.
Back in the day (about nine months ago) they weighed in at a whopping 5.095 oz. It seems hard to believe but I can tell when I accidentally pick up G's phone rather than mine. I'm such a fragile little thing. Gag.


Anonymous said...

You can buy the card at Wallmart.. :)
They are open every day.

Cindra said...

This is true... cards are pretty easy to come by.
I am watching your switch to MAC with interest... I am still debating the move myself. I have been using my son's this weekend. Not too fond of the keyboard and mouse situation.

Anonymous said...

To eject the CD on mac, drag it to the trash can and it will pop out. Promise!