Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's Going On

We went to a grand fund raiser last night, all for the neighborhood kids. I happened to be at a table with many fantastic people.
The centerpiece was perfect. And I am pretty confident that it will be the ratatouille today in the restaurant. How smart is that?
Actually, walking into the dinner was one of the prettiest setups I have ever seen. It could have been a wedding for all it's allure. The salads were already in place and they had polenta croutons which I ate all of mine and G's and my other date,
Richard, although he isn't looking into the camera as G and me are. I think that I have already lost his attention. I gave him my dessert and that seemed to get his attention, for the moment anyway.


dee said...

Lucky you! Not one, but two handsome dates.
The table looks very pretty.
Polenta croutons sound fab.

Diane said...

Your right, the table does look nice.
I hope the meds finally worked and you are feeling better.
I had a dog that used to sleep on his back too. It was always so funny to see him like that. He NEVER bothered getting up either. He was the perfect watch dog. He would lay still, open one eye and watch whoever came in the room and then go back to sleep. Good dog. :)

Anonymous said...

I could do with some of that salad today! Aaahhhh, for the good life.

sistersoftheart said...

The table is beautiful! Love that idea!!

We used to have a boxer that loved to lay in the sun by the pool in the feet up position. My MIL was visiting once and walked thru the house, saw the dog like that and started screaming "the dog's dead!!!" Freaked us out totally until the dog woke up wondering why all the commotion.

MIL has yet to live that one down! LOL