Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's Going On

I finally finished this quilting and binding and putting a sleeve on this quilt last night.
I did my typical linear style of quilting (not ever having mastered the free motion) but in this case, it lent itself to that style.

I am starting to finish up stuff now that I have less than a month left for the winter season in Florida. Did I tell you that my life has been pretty much rejection lately? Literally. I got rejected in two shows - Obama tee shirt (boring) and Say Cheese! (too big) and then to put salt in a paper cut, I was turned down to being a chapter director for Project Linus. Reason? Just what I figured - being gone half the year doesn't cut the mustard. I even argued my case and thought I had a chance until the big honcho mentioned all those missed public speaking engagements and I stopped in my tracks and said that I totally understood and would withdraw my bid for director. Should I decide to stay in Indiana for the winter, then I have the spot. I'm thinking, naaaaaaaaaaa. I am happy tho' that I picked up another gig down here that I can make baby quilts for and so that pleases me.

I have gone out on one more limb and decided to join my friend Pam and take another Nancy Crow class at the end of the month. I signed up for it a couple months ago and took this time to digest the thought. I am now starting to think of what to take (this involves a couple hundred yards of fabric) and how to transport it to Ohio. I will be driving myself and I have to get my brain around that. It will be the longest trip I have taken solo since right after I got married, 37 years ago, and drove from Louisiana to Chicago my myself (oh, I had a cat with me). Right out of college, G got drafted and I was with him at Fort Polk, Louisiana for his AIT training but then, out of the blue he was transferred to Fort Dix and wives weren't allowed. I can still remember the terror I felt at the prospect of the drive. I survived and that was without GPS, satellite radio, ipod with books on tape and other things to keep me company. I am confident that this trip will be do-able too.


dee said...

I just love those hot colors-very vibrant. Looks like Florida.
Despite your rejection, I know you'll find some giving thing to do. It seems to be in our nature to try and help in some way.
That road trip would set me back a little too. Will you be taking Bella?

Anonymous said...

Fly and ship the stuff, I would. Are you driving all the way back (to whereever) too?

Anonymous said...

Great job on the finished quilt. Two down and two to go! They will be impressive at our show,


Teresa said...

LOOOOVE this quilt!! Beautiful!! Wow - a Nancy Crow class. You are lucky! Just downlad books onto your ipod and listen on the long drive. Are you driving from FL? Sounds like a 16 hour drive.

Jeri is said...

I love the quilt! I enlarged the picture and I could see the quilting much clearer. The colors remind me of old time beach umbrellas.

Cindra said...

I enjoy that time alone listening to books. I am sure you will be fine.

Anonymous said...

What a great quilt, Tommy. Your quilting is perfect for it and the colors are wonderful.

Can't wait for The Barn experience and you will love driving with good books on your iPod. I almost regret I am flying

sw Florida