Friday, April 03, 2009

Clean Up Continued

Every now and then, a little OCD comes out of me. It's usually when I have made things so messy that I have to stop and face the situation. That was pretty much the case yesterday when I tackled the hand dyed wall.

Things appear much crisper and actually smaller when they are not all askew.

I dealt with one color at a time and sometimes went back and forth from a color to grey but most of the time the color won, having just a touch of color amidst all that boring gray color. I know, I know, we need those colors as much as the vibrant ones.
This is a close up. I still have not mastered the green teals. My yellows are not good either. Most of the colors are cold. Anybody out there got a warm yellow to suggest?

I am far from done but while I was dealing with the wall of shame I found a few projects that I could do. I found some left over heat resistant ironing board cover and decided that I needed new black pot holders. I have looked for them to no avail and so decided to take a break and make a couple.

This was my pot holder sandwich which consisted of wrong side up fabric and then heat retard stuff, then two layers of batting and then right side up heat retard stuff and fabric. I took this bulk to the sewing machine and started to do random stitching to hold it all

together and have a little fun with it as long as I was at it.
I ended up with four ( I know, they are sideways - lazy again) that were about 7 x 9 and I bound them with 2 1/2" binding and even put a little hang up tap on the top, even though I have NEVER hung one up. It just seemed to be the right thing !


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

OK, now you've got all the fabric on the wall.
Go get some containers so you can take it ALL to the Nancy Crow workshop.
You don't know what colors or values you are going to need!

dee said...

I don't mean to sound too forward but may I come over and worship at your wall?

Anonymous said...


Cindra said...

I love it when everything is clean... I just hate to be the one who does it.

Candied Fabrics said...

OOh Ooh Ooh! SO YUMMY!

One of my favorite yellows is 50/50 Sun Yellow & Tangerine (2 pure colors with Prochem names) But I do LWI to get texture...I don't know if it's all that special when you're doing full immersion!