Saturday, April 11, 2009


We have been very busy here with the Easter activities. I was gonna show you the stations of the cross parade but then thought better of that and decided to continue on with the egg theme. Mag and I were debating as to what to do with the dyed eggs. I immediately thought of what was on hand - ribbon, buttons, trees and paint. Oh, and sand.
The hot glue gun was then fired up and egg decorating began. The ribbons were cut and glued onto the blow hole. Buttons were randomly placed in pristine places on the eggs. Some of the bigger buttons were placed strategically due to t crater sized hole in the shell. We hit the dog park and got some branches that would serve as trees. We found copper spray paint in the garage and painted our limbs. Glass vases were filled with sand and shells to anchor the tree.
The end result was a centerpiece for each table that we will be using for Easter dinner. This particular vase was top heavy no matter what we did so I decided to glue gun it to the table. So far so good.
The egg tree on the smaller table was very stable so we didn't need to do any gluing. Hurray!!!
Aren't these adorable? I am very proud of Maggie's crafting. I will make an artist out of her, by golly.

We did some prep work for our Easter feast. The menu is as follows:
Wonton Soup
Watermelon and Vidalia Salad
Arugula, Orange and Feta Salad
Roasted Mixed Fingerlings
Cheese Carrots
Crab Spinach Quiche
Penne with Asparagus and English Peas
Grilled Rack of Lamb
Orange Creamcicle Cake

One of the guests are bringing plantains- both sweet and savory which is Maggie's favorite. The only picture I took of the prep was of this tray
of wontons. I made the broth ahead and the wantons separately so they wouldn't get water logged. They are a bit time consuming because I am so anal and they all have to be perfect even though when they hit the hot broth they will all shrivel up and you won't be able to see the perfection. But honey, I'll know !!!

If the day gets away from me tomorrow I will say Happy Easter now. Happy Easter Ya'll.

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dee said...

You had me at home made wontons. We're having leg of lamb. Your decorations are darling. Happy Easter to ya'll as well.