Friday, April 10, 2009


We have been very busy. These eggs are all blown out and clean as a whistle, just waiting to be
completely dry. Maggie has decided that Easter egg adornment is the way to go this holiday season. Who am I to stifle a young girls heart? (She's older than me, I like to point out.) But, I did make her do the egg blowing, just as punishment. My guess is that she has seen way too many crafts being preformed by my guests and had to get on the band wagon.
Not only is Maggie one of my best friends in the whole world, but she makes a mighty fine house keeper and all around straighten up kinda chick. This is just the staging for the first part of her egg decorating and lemme tell ya, it was set up for two days before the actual work started. (Those cups have since been moved to the top shelf of the kitchen that need a step stool to retrieve due to the fact that I found ones I like better - size and handle- at the dollar store.)
These are some of the gilded blown out eggs.
This picture shows just some of the many, many blown and hard boiled eggs that came out of her laboratory.

All the while this was going on, we were patiently waiting for this batting to be delivered so that Maggie could help me make quilts for the local babies. It came at dusk last night and took a while to
shimmy out of the box. The do something to get this batting in a box 1/4th it's size. This
roll is almost as tall as me and at least four times wider. It is in the dining room breathing so that it's not all wrinkled so that we can cut it. I always use fat bat for baby quilts that are just made of juvenile fabric quilted and bound. It seems to make the quilts happier. If I piece and put tons of time in a quilt and quilt it either by hand or on a regular machine, I would always use a warm and natural type product. Now I will have to talk Maggie into staying a little longer to give me a hand. If she had her Lipitor with her I may have had a chance. Anybody got any spare Lip to aid an old lady?

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