Monday, April 06, 2009

Funny Dog Show

Gordon is up north for the annual event he shares with our son Peter, and some other male relatives. That is the Chicago White Sox opening game. Unfortunately, the game was postponed due to snow. Even here, it was 85 degrees and tomorrow the high is supposed to be 65. This weather is really something.

We went to a very funny dog show. I chose note to have Bella in it because we have the visiting Grace Kelly and it just didn't seem fair. My sister just reminded me that I have yet to put up a picture of Miss Kelly so here she is in all her splendor.
These were the judges. Not exactly The Westminster Show, eh?
Here is the master of ceremonies. Nice socks.
All the participating dogs did a parade following this flag bearer so we could get a look at the dogs before they took to the stage.
It was a fund raiser for a local humane society so there was a ten buck entry fee. There were lots of attendees.
Costumes were the first category. Here we have a mom and daughter with matching outfits.
This 'skunk' was the winner of the costume division.
My personal favorite was the Original Octo-Mom and her companion,
the Anonymous Donor. Make sure you click on Octo to see the babies. Next up in the show
was the talent portion. This was the winner, Lilly, the Westie who can actually walk through a hula hoop.
One of the attendees is this Colton, Finny, and check out his burp cloth !!!


Teresa said...

Only in Florida!! That was great!

Anonymous said...

I didn't see ANY of our favorites from the dog park. Did all of you coordinate and decide not to participate or did you just not photograph the usuals? Grace Kelly is, of course, very photogenic!! GO SOX!


dee said...

Grace Kelly lives up to her namesake. What fun!