Monday, April 13, 2009

Holy Shmoly Monday

This is why you entertain. For the gifts.
These are from Millie. She made these appetizer skewers herself. They are from shells she actually collected from the beach and cleaned and bleached and then glued onto sticks. There are shells on both sides. How very clever.
Karen out did herself by giving both Maggie and me these adorable, movable flamingos. I seem to recall that I commented on these that were her centerpieces at a get together she hosted and now I have one of my own. Good to know - if you want something - really want something - go on and on at how great they are and then invite the person that has the coveted object over. It just might work.

Joanne, who is a very excellent artist, gave me this wooden box that she painted an ocean scene on, complete with the water, boat, kids playing, beach and I love it. Now, I really don't entertain for the gifts, but hey, it's a thought.


dee said...

LOVE the bird!!

Daughter said...

Any pictures of the treats from Sunday?