Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Just A Bit

The computer was down this morning and just got back up.

Everytime I see one of these unbelievably graceful birds, it makes me stop in my tracks and just stare. The second he heard the click of the camera he flew off so I tend to not take too many pictures of these beauties.

I have started doing a little quilting for some babies that are in need of a little cuddly quilt. I have made up all the fat batting I have and so will have to wait until the big box is delivered via UPS in the next few days. I guess that means it's time for an art quilt. Hummmm.

1 comment:

maggie z. said...

i need a job in the sweat shop for a few days- love the baby quilts- let's set a record! see you very soon...