Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Kids Are Here

We have company !!! Maria and Peter are here for a visit. In the nick of time, cauz' I leave next week to go north but it couldn't be helped. Maria has been in a play for months and it just wrapped up it's very successful run last week. She needed red hair to play Modigliani's girlfriend and it suits her well. Peter? He's just Peter, but I did notice a glimpse of more maturity. He had a baseball hat on and even tho' we had lunch at an outside restaurant, he still took it off.
I had to show you this appetizer we had. The menu called for three mini hot dogs but we changed it to four (if further information is needed, we were a table of four). I have never seen these tiny buns that were truly hot dog buns and not cut and pasted to look like one. and the hot dogs were intact and not cut from a larger one. I was very impressed. The iPhone is next to it to show you not how techno I am but to compare the size. I think of everything. The dog was further doused with lots of condiments so while I say it tasted great, who really knows?
In search for the perfect flip flop, we happened on these rather peculiar footwear. Anybody tried these yet and if so why? Aren't feet ugly enough without calling this much attention to them?


Cindra said...

LOL! I'm sorry, I love the feet shoes!!! They are better looking than my feet.

I love the red hair.

robin, so. IN said...

A friend has those shoes and loves them - especially for sewing. She says they keep her feet warm but she still feels like she's almost barefoot.