Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Spanish Senora

This is my dear friend Rosario, who just happens to live in Spain but comes over to the states a couple times a year. What a precious girl she is. She makes me smile. She is my gadget girl. Everything new that comes out in the market, is discovered by her and passed on to me.
Here we have her latest; headphones that are remote that she uses with her iPod by putting in this little square made by Magnavox or Motorola (it was an M on it). She can also answer her phone with these headphones (I think she has a Blackberry) and can actually carry on a conversation. The headphones go around the neck to the ears. If you have any hair, you can't even see them.
This is a silk organza kimono that Rosario made. It is lovely and delicate. I am not doing it justice with a t shirt and sweatshirt and jeans (it was a cold day) under it but you get the drift.
The dyeing process and resist process is nothing I am familiar with and Rosario just started trying these new processes. What amazes me more than anything else is the workmanship of the cloth construction.
Check out this seaming. It was invented by Rosario herself. She said it was an adaptation of a seam done by hand that she has converted into machine piecing.
This is precise sewing, to say the least. Rosario is into everything and even owns a quilt shop in Spain.
Here is a little linen bag she made with a photo copy of a thimble on it. While we were working on today's class assignment, she had an extra couple of circles that she wasn't using and decided to put in on her soft computer case. Just sat there and whipped it on with a sewing machine. She is a trip. She definitely fears no art.


dee said...

She sounds like a great gal and lots of fun. Very talented too. The Kimono is very beautiful.
Love the headphone idea.

Glad you're having a great time.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Hi" to rosario from the "Mellow Dyers".