Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Check this out.

Our next door neighbors are from England and don't come to Florida real often. Vacancy is a good way to have unwanted guests. These Osprey have decided that they would like to live right on the peak of their chimney. There is some sort of ordinance or law that you can't bother them when nesting so, even tho' the neighbors have four kids under 8, the birds are much noisier.
I don't know if you remember back when I was knee deep in the construction of my studio but the out side was rather dismal. Not any more. I have nylon line training jasmine to cover the building. Everything grows so fast down here that it has only taken a couple years to almost cover the walls.
If the truth be told, I didn't even know what the plant was until Maggie came. She said, 'ahhh, jasmine'. Speaking of Maggie, she is leaving me today. Nothing I could do or say would change her mind. Yeah, I did think of a bribe. No dice.

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maggie z. said...

i'm missing that wonderful fragrance just seeing the photo~oh, bbut not more than YOU, bella,gordon( they 'otta clone him!) and the "dog park divas"... miss grace is looking for you all!!!